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BE-NEXEL ( NEXEL) is an "Innovative Business Solutions" dedicated to empowering businesses to take their vision to the next level.
NEXEL is a ground-breaking solution that integrates the extensive expertise of HCLA, a prestigious international legal and arbitration network, with the advanced technology of BE-NEXEL and its partners. By offering a seamless blend of legal and business services, BE-NEXEL provides clients with a single, comprehensive source for all their needs, streamlining their operations and ensuring they stay ahead in today's competitive marketplace.


NEXEL is way beyond an average business consultancy! It is well-equipped with three key pillars within the international business; 
-   Cutting-Edge Technology
-   Business Strategy 
-   Legal Portfolio 

BE-NEXEL seeks to assist clients with highly customized contract drafting & negotiation, drafting business plans, incorporating companies in external jurisdictions, protecting intellectual property rights, scaling up, receiving startup visas, management services and technical support for the international expansion of a client’s business. 


From amongst our experts, we have a dedicated external team focusing on the technical aspects of a client’s goods or services, ensuring quality overview being incorporated into the requested strategic advice.

BE-EXEL is a registered company in The Hague, the Netherlands and is associated with HCLA-NETWORK.

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Go Global!

The “Think Global Go Global” (TGG) initiative is a unique platform developed in partnership between NEXEL and the HCLA-Network to identify, mentor and internationalize talented and insightful people. The program is built on two fundamental pillars, Law and Business, and aim to mentor and support lawyers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and talented individuals who wish to advance their business and skills beyond borders. 

Strategic Advisory
Business Pathfinder

If you're wondering where, with whom, and how to locate, partner, and grow your business, NEXEL and the HCLA team can help. Our strategic advisory services are designed to answer these questions and guide your business towards successful expansion and partnerships.

Our experts specialize in unlocking new opportunities, achieving growth, and harnessing innovation while managing risk and maximizing value for our clients. We begin by helping clients define their business objectives and chart a clear path to success. This involves conducting feasibility assessments, providing comprehensive due diligence, and developing viable financing strategies.

With our strategic advisory services, clients receive tailored solutions that are specific to their needs, ensuring that they receive the highest level of service and support throughout the process. Trust NEXEL and the HCLA team to help your business grow and achieve its full potential.

Legal Service

NEXEL in partnership with the HCLA Network of experienced legal professionals, provides comprehensive services to assist businesses in expanding and forming partnerships with third parties. Our team of experts ensures that every aspect of these transactions is expertly crafted, safeguarding the interests of our clients while also meeting their expectations. Our range of services includes KYC and Due Diligence, Legal and Regulatory Advice, Contract Negotiation and Drafting, Employment and Labour Law, Intellectual Property, Licensing and Regulatory, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Visa and Immigration. We take pride in providing our clients with tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, ensuring that they receive the highest level of service and support throughout the process.

Outreach Initiatives

NEXEL facilitates the exchange of knowledge and innovative thinking by hosting frequent conferences on relevant topics in international business and finance. These events bring together experts from the academic, business and legal communities to exchange ideas and promote the growth of the industry.

NEXEL  is the ultimate partner for driving success in the IT, AI, telemedicine, and start-up industries. With a comprehensive approach to project evaluation and cost-competitive IT outsourcing services, NEXEL guarantees protection for all stakeholders and helps projects reach their full potential. The company's extensive network of top IT and AI talent and academic institutions makes NEXEL the go-to choice for building world-class teams. NEXEL's partnership approach provides extensive support for product owners, developers, and venture capitalists during the product development cycle, and the company's proven track record of successful product launches makes it a reliable choice for innovation and growth.

IT & AI Services



Networking is a key element!


  • International Business

  • Startups

  • Law Firms 

  • Education & E-Learning

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Bar Associations 

Data Analytics

Field of Activities

  • IT, AI, Solutions 

  • Food, Health and Medicine

  • Procurement & Investment 

  • Renewable Energy

  • Fintech

  • FDI

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