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NEXEL is an "Innovative Business Solutions" dedicated to empowering businesses to take their vision to the next level


NEXEL is way beyond an average business consultancy! It is well equipped with three key pillars within the international business; 
-    Cutting-Edge Technology
-    Business Strategy 
-    Setting up a Legal Portfolio for a Thriving Business

NEXEL assists clients with personalized support in contract negotiations, drafting business plans, registration of the company & trade mark, scaling up, receiving startups visa, management services and technical support for the international expansion of their business. 


Having a team of legal, technical (AI-ML) and financial experts ensures the quality of our strategic advisory services through an in-depth assessment of business and investment risks and opportunities.

NEXEL is associated with HCLA-NETWORK, a Network of high-profile Legal and Business experts provides legal and arbitration services and organizes courses and workshops in the fields of international law, trade & investment, international arbitration, due diligence and risk management. 

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Business Management 

NEXEL enjoys from an extended network of specialists that assists companies to have improved outcomes in their negotiations, either by overtly representing them by fronting the negotiations, or by advising them on moves and communication. We supplement our negotiation services with a rigorous research and assessment process to ensure the best overall outcome.

FS & Strategic Advisory

NEXEL strategic advisory services helps clients to take advantage of new opportunities, drive growth and harness innovation while mitigating risks and delivering value. We assist clients in clarifying their business visions and plan for future by assessing project feasibility, providing due diligence, or creating workable financing options.

Financial & Technical Advisory

NEXEL provides clients with financial and technical advisory services regarding the feasibility of projects and partnerships, M&A transactions, restructurings, raising capital and forensic investigations. We also assist you in business modeling, Public/Private Partnerships and infrastructure advisory and valuations.

Contract Service

NEXEL provides comprehensive contract writing and review services to businesses who wish to operate internationally. Equipped with years of experience, HCLA network of legal professionals excel in the art of contract drafting, making sure that our client's expectations and interests are met.

Outreach Initiatives

NEXEL promotes the exchange of ideas among academics, business owners, and the legal community by holding regular conferences on topical issues related to international business and the financial markets.

Go Global!

The “Think Global Go Global” (TGG) initiative is a unique platform developed in partnership between NEXEL and the HCLA-Network to identify, mentor and internationalize talented and insightful people. The program is built on two fundamental pillars, Law and Business, and aim to mentor and support lawyers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and talented individuals who wish to advance their business and skills beyond borders. 


Networking is a key element!

Type of Business

  • Small & Medium-Sized Business (SME)

  • Start-Up

  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs)

  • Educational & Academic Institute

Data Analytics

Field of Business

  • IT, AI, Software Development

  • Medical Technology 

  • Renewable Energy

  • Food, Health and Medicine

  • Agriculture & Aquaculture

  • Procurement & Investment