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Global Ventures: Oman’s Legal and Business Opportunities

Building on the remarkable success of the HCLA and BE-NEXEL's "Law & Business" program and coaching sessions held in various countries over the past few years, all as part of the prestigious "Think Global, Go Global" framework, we are pleased to share our upcoming plans and various initiatives for Oman's distinguished legal, business and government sectors.

Oman's upcoming "Think Global, Go Global" programs:

• HCLA's White Paper: We are preparing to publish a full-fledged white paper entitled "Foreign Direct Investment & Arbitration in the Sultanate of Oman". This document will provide a concise exploration of Oman's investment climate in a global context, along with a close analysis of arbitration mechanisms and regulatory frameworks.

• Professional Coaching Program : Working with the Oman authorities and collaborating with local and international partners, we are proud to announce the upcoming Professional Coaching Program for 2023. The program, entitled "Empowering Legal and Business Professionals to Excel in The Global Marketplace," has been carefully designed to address the specific needs and goals of its participants, including entrepreneurs with a global business perspective, international legal professionals, and government executives.

The success of these initiatives is a testament to the exceptional and highly professional support provided by the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in the Netherlands, particularly under the leadership of Ambassador His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Salim Hamed Al Harthi. His unwavering commitment to enhancing Oman's legal and business landscape is truly commendable.

As we embark on this exciting journey to unlock Oman's immense potential on the global stage, we invite you to stay tuned for further updates and invaluable insights.

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