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HCLA“Law & Business” Program: Alat Free Economic Zone, the Eurasian Golden Bridge

Updated: Feb 1, 2023


n association with national authorities, chambers of commerce and bar associations, the HCLA Network has been hosting informative and effective events focusing on the “Law & Business” prospects hidden within a few select Free Economic Zones around the world. Within the framework of this program, HCLA, the Alat Free Economic Zone Authority, and the Azerbaijani Embassy in The Hague, are hosting a number of exclusive “Law & Business” events in the Netherlands throughout the coming months.

The Alat Free Economic Zone (AFEZ) is a special zone situated in the Caspian Region, Azerbaijan. Privy to a unique legal framework and jurisdiction, AFEZ brings together advantageous characteristics inherent in a free economic zone, and intermarries it with its geographical location, dubbed by legal and business analysts as the Eurasian Golden Bridge.

The events will host a limited number of major entrepreneurs, with presentations briefly given by the Chairman of the Board of AFEZA and H.E. the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to The Hague, as well as Q&A time on topics such as:

  • How does the special jurisdiction in AFEZ operate to the advantage of expanding businesses?

  • How does the special jurisdiction in AFEZ operate within the national legal framework? (or)

  • What benefits, whether legal, business, or tax exist for companies’ intent on branching into the region and its markets?

Interested businesses and entrepreneurs may contact with any questions about the events and AFEZ, its special jurisdiction, tax privileges, business establishment requirements and joining the upcoming Business Events alongside the AFEZ authorities.

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