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Insights from a Successful "Law & Business" Event: Exploring Investment Opportunities in Oman

Law & Business- OMAN

The integration of legal and business acumen is essential in today's interconnected global landscape to effectively manoeuvre through the complex realm of international business and investment. In recognition of the inherent nature of these disciplines, the Think Global, Go Global (TGG) initiative, a joint endeavour launched by HCLA as a legal network and BE-NEXEL as a business accelerator, facilitated an engaging virtual session on 26 March 2024. The primary objective of the session was to explore the emerging arena of urban development investment opportunities in Oman.

With generous support from the Embassy of Oman in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, Invest-Oman and the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS), the event proved to be a primer for global investors looking to explore Oman's dynamic market landscape.

The session began with a keynote address by H.E. Sheikh Dr Al Harthi, Oman's Ambassador to the Netherlands. H.E highlighted Oman's visionary agenda with insight and eloquence, including its ambitious Vision 2040 - a strategic blueprint that will propel the nation towards unparalleled economic advancement. His engaging speech provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Oman's unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability and inclusive growth, and set an inspiring tone for the discussions that followed.

Following Sheikh Dr Al Harthi's insightful address, Mr Ammar Al Kharusi, the CEO of Invest-Oman, took centre stage. With deep insight and expertise, he explained the intricacies of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Oman and provided a roadmap for participants to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of the landscape. Mr Al Kharusi's presentation identified key issues and provided a strategic roadmap for potential investors to capitalise on Oman's thriving urban development sector with confidence and clarity, acting as a guiding beacon in this dynamic investment arena.

Engineer Ibrahim Al Waili, the Executive Director of National Urban Strategy at the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning, captured the attendees' attention with his profound insights into Oman's ongoing urban development initiatives. With meticulous attention to detail and a wealth of expertise, he provided a panoramic view of the country's ambitious urban projects and their many investment opportunities. His presentation highlighted the potential for lucrative returns and underscored Oman's unwavering commitment to sustainable urbanisation and inclusive growth. Through his compelling narrative, attendees gained a deeper appreciation for Oman's visionary approach to shaping its urban landscape, leaving them inspired and well-informed about the boundless prospects that lie ahead.

Representatives of companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, the US, Singapore and the MENA region actively participated in discussions on critical aspects of urban investment. From market demand forecasts to regulatory frameworks, from tax incentives to infrastructure projects, each question served as a compass to help investors make informed decisions.

By the end of the session, participants left enriched with invaluable insights, poised and enthusiastic to immerse themselves in Oman's dynamic urban development landscape with a newfound sense of confidence and readiness.

Note: This summary report has been carefully prepared by the BE-NEXEL team and may not fully capture the precise perspectives of the speakers or participating organisations. For a more comprehensive insight into the topic and the discussions, we recommend contacting the speakers directly or contacting BE-NEXEL via email at PR@BENEXEL.NL.

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