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Why do a significant number of businesses struggle or fail in global markets?

The latest Think Global, Go Global (TGG) case study reveals a serious trend: a significant proportion of companies embarking on global expansion face serious setbacks or outright failure in international markets. Surprisingly, the failure rate is even higher in certain regions.

The causes of these setbacks are many and complex. Key challenges include cultural misunderstandings, navigating complicated legal systems, misinterpreting local market requirements, inadequate planning and intense competition from established local businesses.

These challenges are not mere inconveniences; they are key factors contributing to the high failure rate of global ventures. But there is hope. Success in international markets is possible with thorough preparation and a deep understanding of the legal and business risks.

Do you want to take your business global? The strategy is simple:

  • Think critically,

  • Seek expert advice,

  • Plan carefully, and

  • Act confidently!

Think Global, Go Global (TGG), a dedicated 'Law & Business' initiative, is jointly sponsored by HCLA, a renowned legal network, and BE-NEXEL, a Netherlands-based innovator in business solutions. Contact Think Global, Go Global (TGG) at for comprehensive legal and business insights and in-depth data analysis.

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