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Innovative Ideas: HCLA- NEXEL Courses “Law & Business”


At the onset of the new year, HCLA, a network of legal professionals, is partnering with NEXEL, a provider of innovative business solutions, to further its “Think Global, Go Global” initiative, and offer exclusive courses revolving around novel business ideas created with a contemporary overview of technological and business development alongside a lining of cold hard law.

The program is designed to target businesses, bar associations, entrepreneurs, and relevant national institutions (e.g., chambers of commerce), but can also be attended by anyone who wants to “Go Global” with more confidence.

The program is based on a commitment to provide a balance of knowledge, experience, and expertise necessary to jump-start a novel business idea, whilst focusing on the following specific courses:

  • Legal Considerations & Due Diligence;

  • Business Roadmaps & Planning for International Operations;

  • Maximization of Business Opportunities & Minimization of Liabilities; and,

  • Current Digital Asset Trends in Law & Business.


  • HCLA- NEXEL Courses are structured to inspire, educate, and support entrepreneurs, lawyers, and start-ups looking outwards to grow their portfolios and expand their expertise and operations internationally.

  • Each course lasts up to 32 hours and covers four different sets of topics(both online and in person ).

  • The curriculum of each course is tailored to the knowledge and specific needs of up to 16 participants per session.

  • All courses will be held in the English language, but there is a possibility of translation (should the need arise).

Companies, bar associations, and chambers of commerce that plan to make the courses available to their members and employees may contact HCLA at;

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