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Market Entry Strategies: Why Choose Oman and How to Enter?


In pursuing global business opportunities, precision and strategic insight are key, embodied in the notion that 'the sweetest fruit grows high on the tree'. At the heart of the Think Global, Go Global (TGG) initiative - an EU-based“ law & Business” programme - we integrate comprehensive legal and business research, economic data analysis and case study reviews, while fostering collaboration with key institutions and partners in target countries.

Why Oman?

Oman is a source of potential for savvy investors, renowned for its tranquil stability and preference for careful planning over easy promises. Over the past year, the TGG team has delved into Oman's legal, cultural, and economic intricacies and uncovered significant investment opportunities. Our strategy includes high-level interactions with senior executives, diplomats and leading legal and business professionals, highlighting Oman as an appealing option for forward-thinking investors and companies.

How to Get Involved?

TGG is adept at navigating businesses and investors - whether medium or large - through Oman's unique landscape. Our team comprises elite international and local lawyers, business strategists, financial experts, architectural designers and branding specialists, all dedicated to providing thorough and practical guidance.

For businesses targeting Oman or any of TGG's target markets - from the CIS to the MENA region - TGG's expertise covers project inception, financing and implementation, ensuring that your business strategies are robustly implemented and deliver successful results.

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